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1086 Mapleton Road

Mapleton, Maine 04757-4508


Prices for booking a hunt:

Included in the pricing of the hunts are the following.

Lodging, transportation to and from hunting stands,

Transportation of game to registration centers, skinning of animal, and preperation of your meat for the meat cutter.

*All other charges for Taxidermetry work, and meat cutting is between sports and the person doing the mounts and the meat cutting.


Black Bear Hunts over Baits: (Lodging) $ 750.00 per person/ 6 days

Black Bear Hunts over Baits ( without Lodging ) $ 600.00 per person/ 6 days

Deer ( Archery Season) (Guided W/Lodging) $ 850.00 per person/ 6 days

Deer (Rifle Season) (Guided W/Lodging) $ 900.00 per person/6 days

Moose Hunts ( Guided W/Lodging) $1,000.00 Per person /6 days

Combo Season Hunts Include

Bear,Deer ( Season Hunts from September thru November) ( Guided W/Lodging) $ 2,600.00 per person (Season)

Small Game (Birds, Rabbits) (Guided without lodging) $ 75.00 per person per day

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