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Who Is M.D.M. Big Game Guide Service

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At M.D.M. Big Game Guide Service, we offer the excitement of the hunt coupled with pure outdoor fun, set in the North Maine Woods, in Northern Maine, better known as Aroostook County. We hunt and live in the outdoors with a passion and with respect seldom found anywhere. We truly enjoy and love each and everyone of our hunting experiences. We offer hunting packages that attract a wide range of sportsmen, who are seeking all game species that Maine has to offer. If one of our packages isnít exactly what youíre looking for, we pride ourselves as being flexible so we can suit your individual needs and desires.

Be assured that when you book a hunt with us that we will make every effort to attend to all the details so that you can concentrate on bagging that trophy Bear, Moose or Deer, and we will make your stay the event of a lifetime. Hopefully, that experience will be one of many more to come. If this is what you are looking for contact us and let us guide your next hunt.

All our hunts are 6 days long. You will arrive on a Sunday afternoon, and leave the following Sunday morning.


Bear Hunting: We offer two styles of hunting bear, one with a Bow and Arrow, the other with a firearm, being Pistol, Blackpowder, or Rifle. Our hunters hunt from treestands set up over baits, that are hit by hungry bears. Average shooting distance is 20 yards, but we will sit them were you want them and at the angle that best fits your needs. We will guarantee that you will at least see one if not more bears on your site. Of course getting the Bear is always left to the hunter. If you have to track one we will track it for you a wounded bear is never left in the woods over night. We also have a highly skilled Taxidermist that will assist in making sure the hide is just right to preserve your mount and we will also prepare your meat for the meat cutter. We bait two active baits for each hunter booked, this allows hunters a choice of baits over which to sit. We use trail timers and other equipment to make sure your hunt ends successfully.





Deer Hunting: These hunts are fully guided, with the guide being with the sport through the day, we also provide private 1 on 1 hunts for deer. In our area of Maine we hunt many diverse types of cover. The scenery is as spectacular as the trophy bucks we pursue, if you are lucky to get a doe permit we have plenty of record setting female deer here in Northern Maine. Typically we spend 50% stand hunting and 50% still hunting. Every year there are dozens of 200+ pound bucks taken in our close area. The second type of hunt is non-guided. This hunt consists of the same conditions as the other except we do not provide the guides to go with you. We let you rely on your ability to hunt and find the big game yourselves. However, we will point you in the right direction on where you can find the big BUCKS, and give you all the advice we can possibly give you. All the conditions are the same we will transport your trophy to the tagging station and prepare your deer for the taxidermist and the meat cutter. We will even transport it from the field to the hunting lodge, and we will also field dress the animal for you.




Moose Hunting: This season only last for one week, you must have been picked by a lottery system in order to obtain a permit to hunt this big game animal. These are fully guided hunts with meals and lodging provided in the cost of the hunt. If this is the big game that you are seeking, then contact us and let us make this hunt the experience of a life time.







JASON MONARCA: Jason is co-owner of M.D.M Big Game Guide Service. He is an advid outdoorsman who enjoys every bit of the outdoors. Jason is involved in the following activities, Hunting, Fishing, Compass Courses, Search and Rescue and is also a professional Life Guard. Jason likes to spend time exploring places where he hasnít been and does this quite often. Jason is currently attending the University of Maine at Presque Isle, and will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Park Law and an Associates Degree in Crimminal Justice.


BILLY DYER: Billy is co-owner of M.D.M. Big Game Guide Service, he is very proficient in the woods and knows his way around most of the woods here in Northern Maine. Billy makes sure that every little detail is just right for the hunter and will not settle for second best. He is very well liked around the county, Billy is also a graduate from the Riverside School of Aeronautics, as an Aircraft Power Plant and Air Frame Mechanic. He also served in the United States Army for 4 years, in the Special Forces.



RANDY MICHAUD: Randy is co-owner of M.D.M Big Game Guide Service, he comes to this business with a lot of experience in the woods hunting, fishing, camping and so forth. Randy is a graduate of the FEMA Emergency Management Institute, with a certificate as a Program Manager. Randy is also a graduate of the University of Maine at Presque Isle, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Park Law-Enforcement and a secondary degree in Recreation and Leisure. Randy has spent close to ten years in the United State Army, and has served in many different countries. Randy makes sure that your hunt is just the way you want it to be, he will go the extra mile to make sure things are done very professionally and always keeps the hunter in the fore front with everything he does.